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  • Anodbäddar: Nyckeln till Effektiv Katodiskt Skydd
    May 3, 2023

    Anode Beds: The Key to Effective Cathodic Protection

    Cathodic protection is a necessary corrosion prevention technique used in many industries, including oil and gas, marine, and construction. Anode beds are a crucial component of cathodic protection systems and offer a reliable and cost-effective method to protect metal structures from corrosion. Read more in our blog post about how you can protect metal structures from corrosion.
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  • Anodpåsar för nedgrävda propantankar i USA
    February 5, 2023

    Anode Bags for Propane Tanks: Protecting Your Investment

    Protecting your propane tanks from corrosion is crucial to ensure their safety and longevity. Anode bags are a simple and effective way to protect your propane tanks from the harmful effects of corrosion. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of anode bags, how they work, and how to install and maintain them. We'll also discuss state regulations and required protection for propane tanks in certain states.
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